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What our clients say about TennisBiz™

"TennisBiz has been fantastic for my business. At the touch of a button, or two, I can copy classes and fees to the next term. The email and text function is fabulous to inform all our selected clients of our latest events, clinics, specials or anything we want to promote or inform our, current, or past clients about. I wouldn’t be without it!"

Helen Rice (Helen Rice Tennis School)

"TennisBiz has helped me become a more organised and professional coach and has been instrumental in Yarra Tennis Coaching developing a more efficient, streamlined administration. This has clearly assisted in my nomination as a finalist in the 2012 Tennis Victoria Coaching Excellence award and I have also benefited immensely from their support and advice in business and coaching related matters."

Shane Scrutton (Yarra Tennis Coaching)

"We have been using TennisBiz since its inception. It has now become an absolutely integral part of our business which we rely upon every day. Being able to operate our entire business with numerous venues from one central software system on the web has allowed us flexibility which previously we could only dream of."

Wes Horskins (Futures Tennis Academy)

"After switching to TennisBiz almost a year ago to run our coaching business, we have been amazed at how efficient it has made us. We deal with nearly 1000 students per week. TennisBiz is very user friendly and has been designed for a coaching business. We believe that TennisBiz has increased our profit margins around 5% to 8% in year one. The program is constantly being updated with new features and help is always on hand."

Tina Keown (Victorian Tennis Academy)

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