About ThinkSmart Software

ThinkSmart Software is a dynamic software company specialising in management solutions for businesses that take bookings and conduct classes.

ThinkSmart Software was founded in 2007 in Melbourne, Australia and has expanded its operations worldwide. Our mission is to provide intuitive, reliable and cost effective business software solutions to help customers achieve greater productivity and profitability.

The Story

Back in 2007, ThinkSmart Software's managing director and founder, Andrew Leigh, realised that sporting and other businesses that run classes really struggled in certain areas. He identified that most of these businesses were wasting significant amounts of time and money because they didn’t have the right software and automation. Many business owners reported that even though they had intuitive spreadsheets and invoicing systems, they still struggled to maintain and update them because it was extremely time consuming and impractical.

Andrew, being an experienced software developer, set about designing elegant software solutions to these problems, and over time, created ThinkSmart's powerful and flexible range of software tools.

Soon after, he met George Bentley, who joined the team. Andrew and George worked tirelessly to build the brand in Australia and then in 2012 George took the business overseas to the United Kingdom where he manages the operations there.

The rest is history as ThinkSmart continues to grow and expand its operations.

About ThinkSmart Software
About ThinkSmart Software

What makes us different?

ThinkSmart is different to any other software out there. It has been engineered from the ground up with the nuances of class-based businesses in mind. Bookings, customers, classes, enrolments, attendance records, student grading, emailing, texting, invoicing… ThinkSmart has it all covered. Our easy to use software will do the heavy lifting for you. It is guaranteed to significantly reduce the time you spend on administration and since your data is stored in the cloud, you and your team can access everything you need on any computer, smart phone or mobile device at any time.

The key benefit that our custom software provides for you, aside from huge time saving and pain-free admin, is that you can run the software off the shelf without needing to make a lot of customisations. Simply install, use and then spend more time doing what you do best.

We pride ourselves on making our tools so simple and easy to use that you and your team will be able to understand how to use the software without the need for hours of training. You can hit the ground running quickly and work your way through the steps to perform all the key functions that your business needs. We pride ourselves on the provision of easy to use software and excellent support services for our customers. 

ThinkSmart Software will continue to grow and develop new services for different industries whilst also providing innovative updates to their existing range of products. We are always keen to receive suggestions and comments from our customers, so please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss these with you.

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