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Smartphone App

ThinkSmart’s powerful smartphone and tablet apps allow you to access particular business information while on the move. You will not always have access to a computer, which is why ThinkSmart have created the apps. Now you can login to your account where ever you are on your phone or tablet.

What do ThinkSmart’s customers use this for?

  • Recording attendances remotely
  • Accessing customer information
  • Texting specific classes or groups of people
  • Viewing staff schedules
  • Enrolling students
  • Viewing & paying invoices

The smartphone app is available for iPhones, iPads, and all Android devices.

 Smartphone App


The ability to text customers & students directly to mobile phones through the software is one of ThinkSmart’s most powerful and highly used features. With the texting function, you no longer have to scan through phonebooks, spread sheets or even enrolment forms in order to contact customers. With its easy to use filtering system, you will be able to contact specific classes or groups of people instantly and efficiently.

What do ThinkSmart’s customers use this for?

  • Urgent reminders
  • Cancellations
  • Notices
  • Promotions


ThinkSmart understands the importance of customer communication. Being able to email newsletters, promotional material, notices, invoices, etc. is very important for any business and ThinkSmart’s powerful emailing functions can help you complete these tasks with ease. With its in built filtering system, you can choose from several options, chosing exactly who you want to email without having to manually gather email addresses.

What do ThinkSmart’s customers use this for?

  • Newsletters
  • Promotional material
  • Reminders
  • Invoices
  • Notices for upcoming events
Online Class Registration

Online Class Registration

ThinkSmart aims to reduce time spent in administration. Answering phones and adding new enrolments into your system takes up a lot of time. With ThinkSmart’s online class registration, current and potential customers are able to register and reserve spaces in a class directly through your website. You will then be notified instantly and from there staff members can automatically add all the details straight into the account and enroll the student straight into a class. The feature is an added benefit for people viewing your website and will also save the staff members a lot of time.

What do ThinkSmart’s customers use this for?

  • Saving time spent on manual data entry
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Fast and easy sales
  • Extra service for customers

Process Payments

We integrate in with a number of credit card payment gateways including PayPal Pro, SagePay, Stripe and WorldPay.

This feature will dramatically help ease the burden of chasing up payments. No more awkward phone calls or emails hunting down payment details every time an invoice is due. Just grab your customer's payment details once and easily enter them into our system. You can automatically charge all of your outstanding invoices in one hit. Just imagine the time that will save!

Process Payments
Online Bookings

Online Bookings

Our online bookings add-on allows your customers to book a studio online and pay for it immediately via a secure payment page. This can help ease the burden of over-the-counter administration. Online bookings can also dramatically improve the efficiency of your business and cut costs as staff do not need to be answering phone calls to take bookings.

A live studio schedule is published on your website which then allows your customers to book any free studio and pay online via credit card. The online bookings add-on is an extremely powerful addition to any business that wants to streamline their booking process.

Xero & QuickBooks Integration

Our products directly integrate with the Xero and Intuit QuickBooks online accounting systems. This allows all of your invoices and payments to seamlessly sync with your financials.

We are a Xero partner, click here for more details.

Xero & QuickBooks Integration
Point of Sale

Point of Sale

ThinkSmart POS is a point of sale software package that is easy to use, reliable and has an extensive range of features. It is perfect for any retail business that sells a range of products or services.

Here are some of the core features of ThinkSmart POS...

  • Intuitive touch screen interface.
  • Comprehensive stock management.
  • Integration with POS hardware.
  • Grouping of products into categories.
  • Handles product ordering.
  • Conduct end-of-day till reconciliation.
  • Manage stocktaking of products.
  • Printing and customising receipts.
  • Extensive financial and usage reports.
  • Grouping of staff into user levels.

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