About ThinkSmart UK Office

After opening the ThinkSmart UK office in 2013, the business has grown from strength to strength and is now the number 1 class management software provider in Europe.

The Story

After working in Australia for 3 years for ThinkSmart, in 2013, the UK arm of the business was established when George Bentley left the great southern land. This was the company's boldest move to date but risk-taking held no fear for George and he worked fiercely with founder Andrew Leigh to build the customer base.

After just 12 months, the UK company had signed 100 customers. Soon their very first UK client, Kate, also became their first staff member. With Kate's extensive knowledge of children’s activities, she quickly became an invaluable asset. After 6 years, the UK team now includes 6 full-time staff members who work with over 1,300 businesses across the country and Europe.

From working in the guest room of Andrew's house to running two offices on either side of the world, Andrew and George are incredibly proud of what the team has achieved. The company's vision is to become the world's number one class management product and the team will continue doing everything they can to fulfil this vision.

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