No lengthy contracts or setup fees, just a monthly subscription.


Up to 50
active customers
per month


Up to 100
active customers
per month


Up to 250
active customers
per month


Up to 500
active customers
per month


Up to 1000
active customers
per month

Over 1,000 customers?

How does the pricing work?

The subscription charge is based on the number of customers in your SwimBiz account, not students. Customers differ from students in that they are the clients that are purchasing your classes. For example, your business may have 200 students in total, but have 150 customers because many parents have mutiple children receiving classes.

What's included
  • You'll get free email and phone support with your subscription.
  • We'll help you get your account setup and import your existing customer data at no extra charge.
  • Your account comes with unlimited logins for all staff. You can also install SwimBiz on as many devices as you wish.
  • Automatic software upgrades included with regular feature updates.

  • Talk to one of our team members

    We pride ourselves on our great customer service and support. Sometimes there's nothing better than connecting to and speaking with a real person. Getting personalised help is important and we value every one of our customers.

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