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New Release - Version 15.1
New Release - Version 15.4
Wednesday, 25th March 2020 ThinkSmart Software

The planning around this software version was for a few minor features and adjustments in preparation for the anticipated release of the feature-packed version 16 next month. In light of the effects coronavirus is having on our customers, we have added a new feature to this release which enables you to share remote video conferencing links with your customers. Hence, giving you and your staff that ability to conduct classes from your home. This feature allows you to use any conferencing tool (e.g. Zoom) to conduct classes remotely. The conferencing link can be displayed in the customer portal or can be emailed directly to your customers. To assist you in using this new feature, please watch our instructional video describing how to use this feature. Other features in this release incl...

Staff Training Blog Pic
Five Reasons Staff Training Is A Worthwhile Investment
Thursday, 13th February 2020 by ThinkSmart Software

As small to medium business owners, you likely know the importance of having help. Employees are more than just a number - they are the assistance and talent you need for your business to thrive. ...

Sitting down with Jaime & Paul Richmond from Vibe Studios
Sitting down with Jaime & Paul Richmond from Vibe Studios
Tuesday, 8th October 2019 by Caroline Leigh

Recently I had a refreshing chat with both Jaime and Paul Richmond from Vibe Studios in Melbourne. They provided an inspiring summary of the journey Jaime took to build her business into the vibran...

We are SCA Ready!
We are SCA Ready!
Tuesday, 27th August 2019 by ThinkSmart Software

Version 15.2 has just been released. In this update, we have delivered on the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) EU requirements. This means for all our EU customers, we are fully prepared and re...

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